Transition Primrose Hill


Transition Primrose Hill is part of the Transition Towns movement, a fast growing international network inspiring communities to be creative in addressing the twin problems of climate change and the end of cheap oil.

If you live, work or play in Primrose Hill, Chalk Farm or Camden Markets join us to learn or relearn skills we shall need in a world without oil like sewing, making new things from old possessions and growing your own food.



Join in

If you are not on our list, email to be kept up to date.

Gardening Group - if you are interested in doing some gardening please contact us. We are planning bee friendly plantings in 2015. 

talks and films

Every couple of  months we show a film or host a talk , either at Primrose HIll Community Centre or the library. Check our events  page for dates and times.

Craft sessions - We have worked with Mary's Living and Giving shop in Regents Park Road to set up various craft sessions. Knit and Natter takes place from 2-4pm on the first Sunday of each month. Watch out for details of more sessions.


See our recent news page for current and archived stories from out local area.


Bee Friendly Primrose Hill

As a follow up to one of our film nights about the sad loss of Bees around the globe, TPH is promoting gardening for the Bees this year. We are ordering in some seeds to give away at the library- easy to grow annuals that will make the bees happy. We have compiled a list of top plants that bees love but first, here are some quick Do's and Don't about encouraging Bees:

Don't use pesticides. It is becoming increasingly well known that the Neonicotinoids in our garden pesticides are damaging hives all over the world... Don't let your garden be part of the problem, there are plenty of other ways to control weeds and pests. (See organic gardening.)

  • Bees prefer local plants that they have evolved with, rather than 'ornamentals'.

  • They like bright coloured flowers, especially blue.

  • They will be more attracted to a 'clump' of plants, rather than a single specimen.

  • They need flowers all year round and of different shapes- but not very thin tubular shapes that they can't get into! Big open composite flowers from the daisy family and flowerheads from Umbelliferai are favourites.

There are some very good posters around if you google images for Bee friendly plants but here are some top favourites:


Borage, Vipers Bugloss, Golden Rod, lemon Balm.


Alliums, Winter Aconite and Grape Hyacinth

Cornflower, Echinacea, Marigold, Calendula,

Asters, Cosmos, Sunflowers

Snow drops, Hollyhocks, Anenomes, Fennel, Sweet Cicely

Mints, Rosemary, Heather, Lavender, Elderflowers and Fruit blossom








Seed Sowing Saturday 7 March

2.30 pm at Primrose Hill Community Library, Sharpleshall Street NW1 8YN

Come and plant some bee friendly seeds, take them away to grow in your garden, windowsill or make a 'seed bomb' for guerrilla gardening. Children welcome.

Primrose Hill Spring Clean

Saturday 14 March 10.30 am

Meet at the Library ( as above) and then fan out to clean up our streets and squares. Gloves and bags provided.

Do our recycling quiz and win prizes!

Prune and Tidy at St George's Terrace

Saturday 28 March 11am

Meet at the top gate, tools provided.